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Resin "KLERMIT Da Frig" by Ed Edderson of Toxic Moss Toys... say what?!?!

 photo kermittheflig-resin.jpg
With a name like Ed Edderson, you already command a certain type of attention, and if you start up a company called Toxic Moss Toys, well... that attention is multiplied, add on to all of that a figure named "KLERMIT Da Frig"... and you are turning heads! Released as his first figure, "KLERMIT Da Frig" is a cast resin figure that stands 3" tall, and as you can see is one grody looking dude that has a mixture of different arms! Each one is unique, hand painted, bagged with a header and is up for grabs right now HERE for only $25 a pop. These are very limited, so if you dig the frig, go get one now!

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