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Real metal "Melt Knuckles" from Brutherford Industries at NYCC 2013!!!

 photo knuckkles-metal.jpg
On top of the rad looking "Pink" exclusive "Melt Grenade" that is set to drop at Clutter's booth during NYCC 2013, Brutherford Industries just announced that they will have a special run of his cool "Melt Knuckles"... and guess what, not only do they look like they are metal... but they are actually metal!!! These are a guerrilla kinda sale, so you gotta track down the man in charge to snag one... but don't expect them to be cheap as they are cast from molten metal, then machined on a Bridgeport, then polished for days, and then hand stamped on the bottom...EPIC! Oh, and don't even think about picking a fight with Ryan... 1, because he's big and strong and 2, because he has metal knuckles with him at all times!

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