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MeSmithy × Argonaut Resins - Custom resin "Tuttz" figures and custom Arkiv for NYCC!!

 photo Tuttz-MeSmithey.jpg
Megan Smithyman finally got some new works done and above, well... you can see that with her absensce, she did not lose her touch! She first customized a small selection of 8-inch tall "Tuttz" resin figures from Argonaut Resins for this year's New York Comic Con (October 10-13th, 2013). Each is wrapped in real leather, mummifying the feline form in a stitched together work of art. Available at the Argonaut Resins & The Jelly Empire's NYCC Booth #325 in The Block, these are an absolute must for any cat lovers at the con!

 photo KhnumFullFront.jpg
She also finished a big custom Arkiv of "Khnum" the god of creation. "Depicted as a potter at his wheel, Khnum the Ram headed god gave the gods their shape and represents pure creative energy. He is also represented with a green head to show the fertile abundance of the Nile, which is the creator of life in the desert." The Tuttz will be at NYCC but Khnum is currently not for sale... maybe Dcon?!?!

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