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MAD's "MAD APE" gets revealed a little more on the upcoming MAD*L platform for 'Phase:4'!!!

 photo mad-madl-phase4-ape-ble-pink-spankystokes.png
Jeremy "MAD" Madl continues to showcase is his 'Mad Ape' in teaser form that will soon be on his flagship platform, the MAD*L as part of the upcoming Phase:4 vinyl figure release. Now, last time we just saw the face... but today we are getting a shot of the body as well as a glimpse in the background at a special colorway... the white and pink ape!!!!
 photo MAD-APE-MADAPE-madl-jeremymadl-spankystokes-ape.jpg
As you can see for the above image, MAD's ape has made it onto so many different platforms... as not only production pieces, but as customs as well! One thing that I am wondering... will we see other alternate colorways of this MAD*L... maybe the gray/black as well??? In any case, I am stoked to see the design looking so clean with an impending release on the horizon... and who knows what Dcon has in store for fans?!?! Viva La MAD*L!

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