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Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects - "Snail Bunny" revealed as the next Chaos Bunny mini figure!!!

 photo joeledbetter-snalbunny-minichaos-spankystokes.jpg
Joe Ledbetter shares with us today the next figure in his upcoming "Chaos Bunnies: Chaos Minis" line of mini-figures which are being produced by the folks over at The Loyal Subjects. It's "Snail Bunny"... and just look at slowpoke... just hanging out in that bright pink shell, watching the day go by... and that poof of smoke he's sitting on almost makes it look like he was once a normal bunny that was transformed into a snail by the previously revealed "Fairy Bunny"!!! We still are unsure of the size of these, but are guessing that they will be in the 3"-4" range... the perfect size for Joe's iconic figures. Being released via blind-box (we think), these will hopefully drop before years end, but then again, we are just speculating because details are still very scant. More very soon.

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