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"IVORY" prototype/showpiece from Colus

 photo COLUS_IVORY_spankystokes.jpg
Known for his simplistic black and white geometric designs that center around animals, South African born now San Diego resident Colus shares with us today his first ever self produced art figure entitled "IVORY". Really bursting into the designer toy scene earlier this year with his amazing "The Hunted" Dunny from Kidrobot, Colus wanted to take production to his own hands... not only to prove to himself that he could take a design from concept to completion, but to also show the public that he was serious about the designer toy scene! This was digitally modeled in Maya, printed with a Form1 3D printer, finished into oblivion and then primed, airbrushed and glossed... all by Colus!

 photo COLUS_IVORY_spankystokes-2.jpg
Measuring almost 6" tall, Colus' geometric 2D designs jump to life with this new elephant figure... and I just love how seamless the transition is. The head features the trunk going through the skull and out the forehead to reveal Colus' trademarked eye logo. The tusks and eyes are see through... really giving contrast to the gloss black exterior. This was created as more of a show piece, but Colus isn't against making a few of these if the interest is there. So, if you dig what you see, and you need one of these, hit up Colus directly to work something out.

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