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Haus of Boz's Hauntingly Adorable Halloween Treat: "Beezlebubbins" Custom Dunny!

Try as she might, Haus of Boz in too adorably cute a world to give a proper scare… So, in order to give the local children a fright, she summoned forth a devil straight from the depths of Hell to teach he the ways of the monstrous. Of course, what she ended up with, was a wee little fella with a sad-faced puss named…
Bubb, as in Beezlebubbins!
He's a big fan of trick or treating, so make sure you leave some candy on your porch for him to swipe, or you might find your seance disrupted and your quiet evening of reading the complete works of Poe, over a brandy in the drawing room, put asunder, as Beezlebubbins enters by way of the letterbox in search of hijinks.
Various jinks include: Putting sticky tape on your cat's tail, swapping the contents of the sugar and salt shakers, ripping little holes in the tea bags, and drawing on your face while you're asleep.
How do you like those apples?
The correct anwer is: Candied!
This one-of-a-kind customized 3-inch tall Okkle Dunny has been completely hand-painted with hand-sculpted parts for added cuteness, as well as being finished with a coat of UV resistant varnish and gloss. "Beezlebubbins" will be available on October 31st, 2013 at 1PM Pacific time in the Haus of Boz's online shop for £64.99 (approx. $105)!

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