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Ghosts and Vampires and Trick 'r' Treaters, oh my… Rampage Toys celebrates Halloween!

Though the Rampage Toys studio is constantly abuzz with activity — including preparing for Design Festa this weekend — Jon M. still found time to create a bevy of beautiful Halloween holiday horrors to treat yourself to…
  1. Orange and Black Marbled Japanese vinyl "Ugly Unicorns!" And at only $30 apiece, who can resist these pieces that Jon of Rampage will personally paint the eyes and mouths in a color of your choosing for you!
  2. "X-ray Kowaillas!" A variety of versions of Hints and Spices's "Kowailla" sofubi figure getting the internal x-ray insert treatment! Only $25 each!
  3. "Splatterhouse Kyuuketsushi," Velocitron's vicious vampire, cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and paints by Rampage. How can these be only $30 apiece?!? Craziness!
  4. And finally the "'Tricks and Treats' Bobby and Harry" micros by Bobbybeast, hand-painted in custom packaging by Bobbybeast himself. $25 per set of both figures!
This spooktacular sale will be happening today (October 30th, 2013) at 8AM Pacific time in the Rampage online shop.

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