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DIY "Mini Dumpsters" Series 2 from TYOTOYS are here to help organize your desk with urban flare!!!

 photo minidumpster-email.jpg
DIY Mini Dumpsters Series 2 from TYOTOYS are here, and just like the last version, these are made out of a sturdy resin plastic and looking really good! These are a perfect desktop organizer for graff heads and other artists... shoot, they are just cool period! They can hold pens, markers, tools, etc. as they measure 6" x 5" cube with an actual functional opening lid... RAD! These come with TYO Waste Mgmt and warning kiss-cut stickers as well as a TYOTOYS mini sharpie and a miniature black trash bag, fits most 4" figures! You can keep it nice and clean, or tag it up yourself... and for only $15 a pop... you should get one for every neighbor you have! Go HERE now to snag em' up!

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