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Crummy Gummy × Manny X's Halloween-themed "Bones" & "Witches' Stew" resin editions!

Giving their unique resin cast Gummy Bears some new Halloween-themed flavors, Crummy Gummy and Manny X return with "Bones" (above) and "Witches' Stew" (below). "Bones" is like the classic D&D monster the gelatinous cube in gummy bear form, for it is filled with human bones!!! Available in either the $30 full-size (3-inch tall) or $17 mini (1.75-inch tall) options, just make sure the skeleton inside isn't your own. And the deeply disturbing "Witches' Stew" treats comes with creatures embedded inside of them, such as Bats, Toads, and Centipedes! Strictly available in the original, full-size flavor, these 3-inch tall spooktacular pieces will be $30 apiece. This timed edition will be available starting Friday, October 18th at 12 Noon Pacific time in Crummy Gummy's online shop until 12 Midnight on Saturday, October 19th, 2013!

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