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CE x Ultraman - a match made in... Japan & Thailand!!!

 photo ce-ultraman.jpg
Napat Phromphruk from Mafia Factory sent over some info regarding a brand new version of their 'CE' platform toy... the very first platform toy created and produced in Thailand... and for you Ultraman fans out there... this is for you! Taking on the form of the classic 'Ultraman' figure based on the Japanese Tokusatsu television series from back in 1966, this figure is produced in 'RED' with 600 pieces, 'Black' in 300 pieces, and 'Pink' in 100 pieces... and the best part, the toy transforms by rotating its helmet from Ultraman, to a Science Patrol face, and then to the Japanese Ultraman logo... RAD! There is no word on a price or a release date, but when that drops, you will be the first to know!

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