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Cavey x Vinyl Riot - Exclusive "GID Blue" and Cavey DIY!

 photo Vinyl-Riot-Cavey-GID-Exclusive.jpg
The folks over at 'Vinyl Riot' have teamed up with Holly aka A Little Stranger and her Cavey brand to release an exclusive "Blue GID" Cavey... yup, and look at that bad boy glow!!! This is limited to 50 pieces and retails for only $16! It will release on Tuesday October 29th at 12pm EST right HERE, so if you are a fan of Cavey's of just a fan of cute little GID lumps of blue vinyl, then you are in luck!!!!
 photo Vinyl-Riot-Cavey-DIY-Exclusive.jpg
Oh, and if you are feeling crazy... pick up the DIY version of Cavey as well as Vinyl Riot will have these in stock the same day. Blue or white, GID or not... it's a Cavey bonanza and you're invited!!!

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