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Carson Catlin cuts his way into New York Comic Con!!!

 photo carsoncatlin-nycc2013.jpg
We have posted up some things already that artist Carson Catlin plans on bringing to NYCC 2013 this year... but we just now received the rest of his haul, and believe me, you want to swing by booth #208 to grab this stuff!!! So without further ado, let's jump into it! First up, "What have I done?" inspired by the collaboration by Luke Chueh and Jason Freeny and the fine support of vinyl riot toys, "what have I done" is a self portrait of sorts of Carson as in the left hand, this figure holds the hand made exacto knife and the right holds a 3D printed heat gun... both tools Carson uses to create his "Cut" customs! The ground is covered with pieces left over from the reticulations! There are also a handful of "Micro Reticulated" blinds that includes all of the micro Munnyworld characters in an edition if 20... and the person who pulls the gold Munny gets a 4" Munny reticulated in the colors of their choosing. On top of that, "Reticulated Dunny's" and the new "Reticulated Dunny3" that come incased in a clear laser cut acrilyc box with complimentary colors. There will be a ton of other stuff up for grabs as well... so don;t skip out on this... there is so much to see, and so much to pick up, not to mention that Carson will also be doing live customization at his booth.

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