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Cameron Tiede “Wood Candy Workshop” - Chester Process Shots - Face and Arms!

 photo camerontiede-wood-candy-spankystokes.jpg
With our post HERE covering the production of the body and antlers of Cameron Tiede's very first product from his new “Wood Candy Workshop” line of figures, we figured why stop there?!?! So, here are some more progress shots and a little info behind the scenes of this awesome new endeavor. Let's see how Cameron tackled the face and arms on his soon to be released "Chester" figure! "Here are a few more process shots for both the face and arms of Chester. The bottom and top of the face are cut from the same pieces so the upper and lower grain patterns match. The holes for the eyes and bow tie are routed out so pieces can be laid into them. The top of the arms are drilled out using a jig made so I can do 4 at a time. The body holes are drilled using a another jig. The Arms are secured in to the body with oak dowel rods in the drill holes, the dowels are not seen but keep the arms secured to the body much better than if they had been just glued on only." Between now and the drop, collectors are invited to go to www.woodcandyworkshop.com to subscribe to the Wood Candy email list. Those who do will be emailed a free shipping code prior to the release date. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next batch of process shots!

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