Blazon Brikhaus Marvel themed custom Yo! figures for D-Con 2013!!

 photo Marvel-yo-w-logo.jpg
As part of the LittleHouse Designs YO! platform custom blind box series for Designer-Con 2013, artist Liz S. aka Blazon Brikhaus totally and completely raised the bar on the 5 figures she was asked to customize... and WOW did they turn out awesome! Featuring a whole bunch of Marvel Comic heroes and villains, Liz took it upon herself to turn these figures into true works of art, and according to her, she got so wrapped up in this project that she has easily over 200 hours of sculpting into it! She is just 1 of 20 different artists from around the world participating in this series... all of which can be picked up at booth #501 for only $50 a piece... holy smokes, that's a deal, especially for these particular pieces! I have a feeling the series is going to sell out by people trying just to secure the customs the Liz created... great work!

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