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A plethora of exclusive reveals Menace Inc. Studios!!!

 photo Untitled-11.jpg
Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios continues to roll out some really cool releases for the upcoming CBCC show... and today, we have 3 to show off. First up is "American D.R.E.A.M" (Don't Really Expect Any Money) "Blood Money" edition resin figure that is limited to just 5 Pieces. This is a collaboration piece with Alex Rivera of Playful Gorilla. He sculpted the "Evil Side" and Jeff sculpted the "Business Man" side. They had some limited pieces up at NYCC, and this is the CBCC Exclusive "Blood Money" edition cast in Translucent Red with a Dark Burgundy wash.

 photo Untitled-12.jpg
Up next is the "American D.R.E.A.M" (Don't Really Expect Any Money) "Pretty In Pink" edition resin figure. This is cast in a Pearlesant Pink colorway with the same Dark Burgundy wash. This was a colorway that wasn't chosen, but Jeff liked it so much, he decided to sell the test cast... so there is only 1 of these in existence.

 photo Untitled-13.jpg
Lastly, "Samhain V 2.0" urethane rubber cast. This is a new version of the Samhain piece that Jeff released last year adding a creepy vine sculpt to Mr. Samhain making him 4" Tall. Cast in rubber to give it that "Rubber Toy" feel, there are 4 different versions: GID, Hand Painted, Halloween Orange/Black Swirl, Halloween Purple/Green Swirl. Each comes bagged and boarded. The kicker to this piece is that once all 4 are sold the names will go into a hat and the chosen name will win the original sculpt of this character signed by Jeff... RAD! Which means once his original mold goes bad, there will be no more editions of this figure... ever!

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