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*REVIEW* Kronk x Pobber Toys - Vacation RADIATION "Toxic" chase BadAss vinyl figure!!!

We recently had the chance to crack open a giant new figure... and decided to do a nice little LIVE review for you guys, so away we go! Introducing the long awaited "BadAss" figure from Pobber Toys and South African artist Kronk! Spotted for the first time at SDCC 2013 as the "Forest" edition (which has now long sold out), this new version that we reviewed entitled "Stealth", is the retailer edition and is one rad looking figure! Standing 9" tall, this mechanized gorilla has 7 points of articulation... and is super poseable... all the way down to his feet, and we had some fun in the above video trying to get him to stand with his arms in the air!

 photo Toxic-Kronk-badass-spankystokes-pobber.jpg  photo pobber-stealth-toxic-kronk-spankystokes-badass.jpg
The "Stealth" is limited to 360 pieces worldwide and comes complete with spikes, rivets, sharp teeth and battle scars to prove it. Oh, and Pobber did mention that their would be a chase variant of this beast, a 1 outta 6 chance to snag it... and we were lucky enough to get the elusive Vacation RADIATION "Toxic" edition! Like mentioned, this is a 1 out of 6 shot to snag this amazing version... so your odds are pretty good if you buy a few of em'... and the contrast of the black with neon green and white is just a winning color combo in my book!!! The OG Stealth version looks rad as well... you can see the blue/black colorscheme above... but this chase takes the cake! There were some super minor paint issues with the one we opened, like too much opacity of the green on the black, but like mentioned in the video, it's really not a deal breaker. This figure is all around a super nice piece,  it's very well constructed, and is HUGE... I mean, it's a sizable piece of vinyl that will draw attention to onlookers of your collection! For $95 a pop, you can find this at most all designer toy retailers worldwide... but, before you bring one home, I would take heed to what Pobber says, and "hide your other toys first".

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