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Patient № 6's "Psycho-Machine" needs your help! Make his kaiju dreams come true!

The surreal and psychotic landscape that Patient № 6's creations inhabits has a monstrous new addition: "Psycho-Machine!" Standing a massive 9-inches tall, this resin figure has four freakish points of articulation… head, waist, and arms. Our masterful Patient № 6 needs your help to make these a reality, though, so he's turned to Indiegogo crowd funding. If you want the figure, then $76 will get you an unpainted copy, $86 will get you a hand-painted copy (pictured above), or — also at $86 — you can snag the Indiegogo exclusive black cast copy! Quantities appear to be limited on each, so rush on over to his campaign, watch his stop-motion animation video (totally fun), and then back the heck out of this brilliant looking piece!

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