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"MAD APE" makes it's debut on the MAD*L for 'Phase:4'... teaser revealed!!!

 photo MAD-APE-MADL-spankystokes-vinyltoys.jpg
From customs to prints, production pieces to murals, one of the many reoccurring characters that Jeremy "MAD" Madl continues to showcase is his 'Mad Ape'... and today he shows of this classic character on his flagship platform, the MAD*L as part of the upcoming Phase:4 vinyl figure release. Now, this is the second design revealed, the first being "MaeMaeMon" (posted HERE), and I for one am totally digging what I see. I am a HUGE fan of what MAD does, and have been waiting for this character to make it to the MAD*L platform... and it looks like this will be happening very soon.
 photo MAD-APE-MADAPE-madl-jeremymadl-spankystokes-ape.jpg
Rumor has it, MAD will have these on display during NYCC 2013, and there may just be a very limited pre-release during the convention... but that is not confirmed, and I am guessing it all depends on if he gets samples in from the factory in time. One thing that I am wondering... will we see alternate colorways of this MAD*L... maybe the white/pink or the gray/black??? In any case, I am stoked to see the design looking so clean with an impending release on the horizon. Viva La MAD*L!

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