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REVEAL: Paul Kaiju × Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's sofubi collaboration!

If you recall the rather recent announcement of Splurrt sculpting a "Bone Usir" head for Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "DX Dokruo Sludge Demon" body, then consider this the next evolution of the story… What started out as a Splurrt × Mutant Vinyl Hardcore two-way collaboration has evolved into an assortment of new "DX Dokruo Sludge Demon" heads! And we're certain that Richard "LASH" Montanari, the mastermind behind MvH, probably couldn't be happier: the one and only PaulKaiju himself created the DX head pictured in this post, which will indeed be put into production and released. And, while no pictures have been released yet, Montanari himself couldn't avoid getting in on the action by sculpting the new "Flying Freak" head for the DX… Will even more DX compatible heads be revealed? We'll have to wait and see…

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