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Huck Gee's "The KeyMaster" limited edition art print available now!

As we previously announced, artist Huck Gee has released "The KeyMaster" limited edition print as part of his new BattleTails video game universe. According to Gee's backstory for the character:
There are plenty of locks in the world of Kinausu. Doors must be barred to keep the unwanted out or the most wanted in and chests must be sealed to keep precious treasures safe. And while the most rudimentary of locks can be defeated with a good set of a picks and pinch of skill, there are reputable artisans in Kinausu that can devise truly impervious locking creations: Tonard the Cogsmith, Agallaud the Wizened and the Glorious Soaring Shieldsmiths. All are illustrious and powerful lock makers whose keyholed creations will defeat even the most talented of burglars and lockjacks.
But once in a while a good, honest, hard-working Kinausan may need to bypass a lock, no matter the cost. And if they can find him, there is one renowned, magical traveler that can help: The KeyMaster. Traversing the realm garbed as a mendicant monk, perched atop a rare white buffalo, he peddles his unique wares asking no questions. Where he acquires his impressive key collection is a mystery for another day but if you can find the KeyMaster, and you have the coin, he can give you the access you seek.
Printed on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), these 11" × 14″ (9" × 12" with 1" border) digital prints are signed and numbered by Gee, limited to an edition of 100 pieces. They are available now HERE in the new BattleTails online shop for $40 apiece.

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