GOIN × INSTINCTOY × Mighty Jaxx's "Bad Apple (Liquid Erosion)" Released!

After being revealed at the 2013 Taipei Toy Festival, as we previously announced, the "Liquid Erosion Bad Apple" collaboration between GOIN and INSTINCTOY has been released by Mighty Jaxx! Based on French graffiti artist GOIN's original street art design, Japanese artist Hiroto Ohkubo of INSTINCTOY added his trademark dripping style — which also pays homage to GOIN's spray can usage — for this brand new sculpt. Six months in development, will be released in two versions that are both limited to 150 copies and have matte black & white bodies: the glossy red grenade pop of color, as selected by INSTINCTOY, and the matte white grenade minimalism, as selected by GOIN. Both versions come in packaging personally designed by GOIN and cost $150 per bust, both of which can be preordered right now — with August/September deliveries anticipated — from HERE.

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