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Dragatomi's "Android's vs Dunny's" SDCC 2013 blind-box series... are now not so blind!

 photo AVDblindbox_dragatomi.jpg
Have you ever wanted a custom Dunny or Android from artists like: DrilOne, JRYU, Jeremiah Ketner, Scott Tolleson, Mike Die, Jay222m Ardabus Rubber and so many other notable artists at a stellar price without bending over backwards, pulling a blind-box, not knowing what you are gonna get?!?! Well, the folks over at Dragatomi have just announced that the remaining figures in their previously released "Android's vs Dunny's" SDCC 2013 blind-box series are now opened up and ready for you to pick up! That's right, you can just head on over HERE right now, find your favorite artist, and pull the trigger on a custom from them! It really doesn't get any sweeter than that... so go HERE now, before they disappear... and they will disappear!

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