MAD's "Modern Hero" to see the light of day as a stand alone vinyl figure... OH YEAH!!!!

 photo mad-modernhero-vinyl.jpg
Jeremy "MAD" Madl has been off the grid... but most of us know that only means one thing, he's been keeping his nose to the grindstone working on new products, and the proof is in the pudding!!! Just check out that image above that MAD posted earlier today showing off possible colorways of this soon to be released vinyl figure of MAD's classic "Modern Hero" character... and it's about time!!!

 photo mad-modernhero-spankystokes.jpg
The sculpt was done by Scott over at Shinbone Creative, and MAD mentions that he will have test shots to show off in the very near future. Now... how about some tentative specs?!?! Standing at around 6" tall, these will retail at about $55-$60, will be limited to 1,000 total pieces split between 4 colorways where "Grayscale" is the main edition, "Red" is the retail edition, "Black" is MAD's edition, and "Skeletor" the rad GID version will be a convention exclusive... which by the way might see the light of day at NYCC 2013! I can't wait to find out more info... as I am truly stoked on this release!!! For more info, be sure to follow MAD on Instagram HERE, and Facebook HERE!

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