Frank Kozik × Kidrobot's "Marvel Labbit Mini-Fig" Series brings supervillains to vinyl life!

Mainly comprised of villains, "some of the wickedest Marvel icons," the now confirmed (though previously announced) "Marvel Labbit Mini-Fig" series continues the collaboration between the comic book giant and Designer Toy goliath Kidrobot using Frank Kozik's bunny-based 2.5-inch tall Labbit design. This blind boxed series "boasts ten dangerous, dominating, and devouring designs," namely renditions of: Venom, Red Skull, Loki, Ghost Rider, Doctor Octopus, Dr. Doom, Punisher, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Galactus! Set to be available in September 2013, these amazing mini figs will cost $9.99 per blind box.

[Above image and information from the Diamond Distribution "Previews Magazine" for July 2013.]

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