"Boards Don't Hit Back" a custom Paw turned Bruce Lee by Pause Designs... is AMAZING!!!

 photo Bruce_Lee_Paw_Pause_Front.jpg
Eric aka 'Pause' just finished up a custom Paw for a collector... and it's one of the best custom I have ever seen... hands down... not only for a Paw figure, but all around, holy smokes!!! Eric mentions that "The collector commissioned me to make him a Bruce Lee themed piece and this is what I came up with. It's loosely based on the final battle scene in Enter The Dragon." This is no joke, and what a perfect stance that the Paw figure already came in to recreate Bruce Lee pouncing on his enemy with nunchucks in hand! If you haven't seen the movie, Bruce Lee has to fight the final boss who has a Vega-style (Street Fighter) claw hand in a room full of mirrors. Which one is the real one and which is just a reflection?!?!? Not only did Eric resculpt the face and other parts of the figure, but he created an entire base with the mirrors in the back... I am so blown away with this. Titled: "Boards Don't Hit Back", this custom is going to make one art collector SUPER happy! Amazing work Eric, and keep killing it... you are a true master of your craft!!!

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