Venezuelan artist Gabriel Mesa and his art toy "Chicho"!

 photo Chicho_2.jpg
Gabriel Mesa, a Venezuelan Illustrator and Art Director, has just announced his plush line of characters that he calls "Chicho" is an art toy designed by Mesa, and it all started back in 2009 with the creation of several character illustrations' sketches that evolved into what you see above... some awesome plush creations brought to life by the folks over at Baraduo's sewing workshop! The name "Chicho" came from the word "Chichones" (bumps in spanish); as the bumps we can see on his head! Gabriel mentions that he is a mischievous and playful character that conveys joy for both; adults and children. If someone is interested in picking one of these "Chicho" characters up, you can contact Gabriel via email gabrielmesaart@gmail.com, and also on facebook or twitter.

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