TIBONG's custom SpiderMan Mico-Munny series!

 photo DSCN9041spidermanmicromunny5.jpg
Lawrence Greyczik aka TIBONG just tackled a grip of custom Micro Munny's from KidRobot and turned them into a themed Spider-Man series using super sculpey, airbrush, and acrylic paints... and as you can see, these turned out pretty cool! Featuring "Spider-Man", "Green Goblin", "Kraven the Hunter", "The Vulture" and "The Scorpion"... all of these tiny creations really have a fun aesthetic about them and it's neat to see the artist hand carry over to each figure... making for a very cohesive series! These are up for grabs HERE right now for $40 a piece... and f you are a fan of Marvel, comic books, or Spiderman... then these are for you! TIBONG is always looking for a challenge and is accepting commission requests, prices are in line (give or take the request) with the shop prices, and he is willing to make whatever anybody wants.... so if you are interested, contact him via larrygreyczik@comcast.net!

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