"Stoney" custom from Ian Ziobrowski

 photo stoney10.jpg
Ian Ziobrowski continues to impress with his expertly painted custom figures, and today he shares with us a commission he recently completed. Entitled "Stoney", this is a new character that he has created and is the older brother of "Smokey". Ian mentions that "Keeping it OG as usual, he stay puffin, growin, and experimenting with the finest green. His attire makes him hard to find, but if you use your senses you might be able to stumble upon some delicious crop. But be prepared for traps, outsiders are not welcome on these grounds." I really love the amount of craftsmanship that goes into all of his customs, it really shows off his skills. I do wish however, that he would branch out from his 'Stoner' roots and try other subject matter... then again, if this is what keeps selling, then that old adage fits so well "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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