"Pop Bomb" edition Curiosity resin figure from Nathan Hamill... oh so delicious!

 photo nathanHamill.jpg
This Friday, May 24th, at 12PM CST Nathan Hamill will be releasing a new colorway of his Curiosity resin figure at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX... and oh how delicious it is! Entitled the "Pop Bomb" edition, these are limited to just 5 pieces, stand 5" tall, and are cast in translucent/opaque resin. I really dig the way these look, and they remind me of hot summer days! Look for these to retail for $80 each... but don't wait to long, because they might just melt away for good! Curiosity was designed by Nathan, sculpted by Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic, and produced by Oni Creations!

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