"Play" a super fantastic group show curated by Julie West opens this Saturday, May 11th at Dragatomi!!!

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Bursting out of the woodworks, this show, hosted by Dragatomi and curated by Julie West titled "Play", just popped up on our radar, and we are really excited about it!!! The whole idea behind "Play" was to have artists create a functional piece of art that someone would be able to play with - like blocks, a game, a pull toy, etc... This show should be really fun, and per our post HERE of DrilOne's piece... we can't wait to see more, and more we have!
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I really do like the idea of this show as it challenges the artists involved to go outside their comfort zone... and artist Gary Ham tackled this task with his "Hustin' Hermees", a 7" wood pull toy. Gary took his Hermees character and put him on his own little batcar, painted him up, and really did a number on him by adding a pull string... can this be made into a production piece already?!?! I for one would have a tough time letting this sit on my shelf as I would want to pull it around... awesome work! Who else is involved... well, included are the works of: Hedi Kenney • DrilOne • Chris Bishop • Tweedlebop • PePe Hiller • Allison Sommers • Crowded Teeth • 64 Colors • Amy Rupel • Adrianna Bamber • Dro • Lana Crooks • Kali Meadows • Gary Ham • Travis Lampe • Scott Tolleson • Jeremiah Ketner • Tad Carpenter • Jason Limon • Ed Nacional • Big Secret • Dominic Flask • Julie West • Leecifer • Jay222! If you haven't yet had a chance to sign up for the Dragatomi preview you can do so HERE right now! Signing up for the preview allows you the option to make advance purchases as it will be sent out on Friday, May 12th at Noon PST... a full day before the actual show opens! If you are in or around the Sacramento area, this show is a must!

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