"Ghost Pig" is the haunting of the ham!!!

 photo gpig2.jpg
Laird "Big Trubble" Henderson is back with yet another awesome creation... and if you didn't think it could get any cooler than his previously posted 'Leader Idol'... think again! Introducing "The Ghost Pig", a fantastic creation that makes perfect sense... and not only does it make perfect sense, but it's perfectly executed as well! "You may eat his flesh, but you can’t consume his soul. The pig is released from his corporeal body just before the first bites are taken. He’s now free to explore the spirit world and haunt his tormentors for years to come." Being released as an edition of 30 pieces, this ghostly pig is cast in resin, painted with cel-vinyl and then clear coated to perfection. I love the amount of motion in this 7" tall piece... now I know it's static, but just the way it's sculpted, with the pig ghost fleeting the ham slice... so good! These are up for grabs HERE right now for $200 a piece, or you can snag one in person at Magic Pony right now!

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