"Fight For What's Right" custom boxing gloves... up for auction right now!!!

 photo fightthecity-boxinggloves-custom.jpg
Seriously... what are you all waiting for... there are some AMAZING custom boxing gloves up for auction HERE right now, all of which were on display for the "Fight For What's Right" custom boxing glove show that made an appearance in Los Angeles, and New York... and the best part, they all have very low starting bids. That being said, it's really not about the company, or the artists in this case, as 1/3 of the proceeds go to the 'Hoods To Woods' charity... so when you head over, think about your money going to a great cause, better yet... it's a tax write-off, so go and put some bids on some amazing custom boxing gloves. Oh... and not to be biased or anything, but my hairy tongue beasts titled "French Kiss" are looking for a good home :-)

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