Dragatomi x Mikie Graham - "Mechanized Mad Men" custom Android blind box series!

 photo MMMboxsticker1.jpg
Mechanized Mad Men, A new blind box series of custom Android figures designed by Mikie Graham and available exclusively through Dragatomi. "In their own time this enigmatic group of gentlemen were considered to be eccentric, strange, and often a little mad but as history has proven, madness isn't always a bad thing! Forgotten by most traditional history books, this group of influential yet often under appreciated creative geniuses are back; this time powering giant mechanized robots that embody their own truly individual styles. From scientists to authors to musicians this lineup of 7 ground breaking individuals span the gamut of art and pop culture bringing together for the first time the greatest minds the world has ever known." Each MMM figure includes a fully customized 3" Android that comes powered by its own (removable) custom Playmobil representation of its creator.

 photo MMMlineupADD1.jpg
In addition each figure comes with its own wooden display base that will include a mini print telling that characters personal story... in other words, the complete package!!! Starting 5/9/13, we are stoked to announce that Mikie has teamed up with us and we will be unveiling one new character a day exclusively on our site, so make sure to keep checking back to see each day's new design, leading up to the release of MMM Series 1 on Wednesday May 15th at Dragatomi.com!

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