Bwana Spoons's 4th International Globby Day Contest & Special "Uh-Oh" Release!

It's time for Bwana Spoons's 4th International Globby Day Contest and the rules are simple as can be: log in or sign up for the Grass Hut Message Board, go over to THIS THREAD in the forum, and then post your own tribute to Globby… it can be a photo, drawing, sculpture, custom, whatever. You have until 5PM Pacific time on May 21st, 2013 to enter your submission, after which all the members on the message board will be able to vote for their favorite and a runner-up. The winner will receive, aside from bragging rights, a one-off resin "Takoyaki Cook" custom!

And what would Globby day be without a Globby release? The below pictured "Uh-Oh Globby" will be available alongside some customs at 12 Noon Pacific time today (May 17th, 2013) in the Bwana Spoons online shop.

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