Brandt Peters x Ferg - Terror Boy "OOZE NO.00"

 photo TERROR_BOYS_OOZE_s00_multi2.jpg  photo TERROR_BOYS_OOZE_s00_shotty.jpg  photo TERROR_BOYS_OOZE_s00_multi1.jpg
Just announced on the C&D message board is the next Squadt from Brandt Peters and Ferg titled Terror Boy "OOZE NO.00"... and holt crap is it wicked! Taking cues from classic horror movies, for me it's very 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'esc' as well as 'Dr. Salvador' from Resident Evil... in any case, it's friggen rad, and as you can see that burlap bag comes off to reveal one wicked looking melted ooze green/yellow head! This particular piece looks quite fantastic! It also appears to come with a machete, sawed-off shotgun, and nice cotton coat! The release is set for MONDAY, JUNE 3 - 12:00 Noon, CST... and that's all we know. More info on this very soon! **UPDATE** This comes in an edition of 225, is Vinyl, ABS and Cloth, includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), and will retail for $105 a pop!

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