"Atlantean Purifier, circa ???'' custom 10" Labbit by DeeTen!!!

 photo Deeten-labbit.jpg
David "DeeTen" Ten just sent over images and info for his latest custom creation, and tackling the 10" Labbit platform once again, he transformed this once unassuming blank piece of vinyl into a massively cool looking piece of steampunk enginering! Titled the "Atlantean Purifier, circa ???", David goes on to mention: "The Atlantean Purifier was discovered during the Expedition of 1886 into a parallel world. There our explorers were given a tour of their world along with trips to the 13 Great Cities. While our travelers were visiting the great underwater city of Titan they explored the alleged location of the famed city of Atlantis. The location was more of a large gaping crater lined with thousands of relic statues and plenty of debris. Among the rubble were the Atlantean purifiers, aptly named because of their ability to filter sea water into fresh water. Stories tell of Atlantis having fresh water rivers within the confines of its city beneath the waves. A rough drawing of the ancient city depicted a dome that encased Atlantis much like the modern city of Titan. However, the Atlantean dome appeared to have a gaping hole at its peak through which a large column of water flowed into a large center structure. They locals speculate that the structure housed these purifiers like these to provide fresh water and a manner on other climate benefits. The technology has since been abandoned as the scientists have been unable to crack the Atlantean mechanics. Titan's filters require constant maintenance and can threaten the lively hood of its citizens if major catastrophe should strike. Our team noted that a significant portion of Titan's citizens were focused on reviving the lost technology. This piece was given to our expedition as a gift in hopes that our world could too, one day, benefit from it." By using metal, wood, vinyl, clay and acrylic, this piece was created for the Urban Decay 4 show... and it's most definitely something you don't want to bring through an airport scanner with you... the TSA would be yelling BOMB! I like the patina'ed look of the rest of the Labbit... a different technique that we are not used to seeing from David. Keep up the good work, dude!

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