Scott Wetterschneider's little "Churm" creature takes the leap from digital to resin!

 photo 683c7b32ab8c11e2945d22000a9f13ca_7.jpg
We've seen Churm (posted HERE), Scott Wetterschneider's slimy, tubby figure move from a digital sculpt to a rapid-prototype and now here his is, getting a little closer to oozing his way into your heart as a delicious resin figure. Churm stands 5" tall, nearly as wide and is a solid cast... and the photo you see above is of the very first pull of a full sized, clear yellow, resin figure from the somewhat secret Austin, Texas based casting studio, Brickhole. If you'd like to follow along and see more of Scott's sculpting and figure production, try his Tumblr HERE, his Facebook HERE, and his online store HERE. Oh... an a HUGE congrats goes out to Scott for becoming the newest member of the ever growing Circus Posterus art collective!!!!

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