Patrick Wong's "Miko the Crusher" custom ghost girl

 photo Patrick_Wong_Miko_Title.jpg
It's been some time since we have seen any custom Ghost Girl vinyl figures, but artist Partick Wong just broke that dry spell with his "Miko the Crusher" figure! The figure is painted both inside and out with black holes for the eyes against a white wall of a face. According to Patrick "She is an immortal being that is at odds with another abstract machine known as "Prober". With each consuming the souls of other characters within the world through their eyes. She is the crusher of all characters and all other signs producing a population of spectators or what could be known as slaves." I like all the added elements to this figure as it really does play off the original sculpt. One thing I feel though is that the paint seems like it was rushed... and if you see the illustration of the face ghosted in the back - really crisp and clean - I would like to have seen this carried over a little bit more to the painted version... but I am just being picky! Overall, it's a really cool custom!

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