MyRoyalEgo x Kong Andri - "OWANGE-BOT" resin figure!!!

 photo OWANGE-BOT-by-kong-andri-x-my-royal-ego-.jpg
*beepboop-beep-bop-ziptz* Like robots... then this is for you!!! The new release from My Royal Ego "OWANGE-BOT",  is an articulated 8" resin figure designed by Kong Andri... and hot damn is it cool!!! This figure is limited to 30 pieces only and as you can see is a super high-quality art toy. The craftsmanship really is amazing, and I love the paint application as well... it makes me happy... happy colors!!! I also really dig the belly region with the appearance that there is a pilot on the inside... super creative and very well executed. These can be ordered HERE right now! *beepboop-beep-bop-ziptz*

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