'Lucy and the Anvil' a rad new Kickstarter project!

 photo 4f69a194d814b3b90ef5d7483975f90e_large.jpg
Scottish artist Brian Taylor of CandyKiller fame is part of a rad new Kickstarter campaign titled 'Lucy and the Anvil' which is a children's book written by Adam Kline! Brian did all the illustrations for this really cool looking book, and it's on Kickstarter right now for funding.

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There are tiers for everyone, and $25 gets you a copy of this soon to be published book... if it gets funded of course. There is also a really cool tier where Bigshot Toyworks is making a resin 5" tall Anvil... a neat little collectible for this project! So head on over HERE and pledge some money if you see fit!

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