Gary Ham reveals the SpankyStokes "Stroll" mascot as the second figure in his next 'Toytem'!!!

 photo stroll-toytem-garyham.jpg
We posted up an image HERE of a brand new 'Toytem' that artist Gary Ham is working on... and per that post, it looks like those figures got some color. First to be revealed was Gary's awesome rendition of Dragatomi's Mascot HERE, and today we are stoked to show off our very own "Stroll" mascot... and oh how cool he is! This is cel-vinyl painted on a wood base that Gary made from scratch turned out quite awesome. Gary had asked what we thought about it... and at the time the blue eye wasn't really in our color pallet... but gotta say, it's growing on us! Still... I wonder if this is going to stay wood, or will we see a second interchangeable vinyl run?!?! So much is up in the air right now, but so much is looking soooooo good as well! What are your thoughts?

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