Gary Ham reveals his new "Toytem" in full... and it's for an upcoming group show!!!

 photo garyham-toytem.jpg
We have been posting up an images HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE of the brand new 'Toytem' that artist Gary Ham is working on, and now we get to see the full monty... the entire deal, the big cheese, the final reveal... and as you can see this is one majestic looking piece topped off with Clutter's DTA Toy Prince! This is cel-vinyl painted on a wood base that Gary made from scratch and come to find out it was created for an upcoming show... "The Triplets of Clutterville" exhibition, a three-person show of new works by Chris Squink, Loz Hausofboz, and Gary which is being at held at Clutter Gallery in NY on May 11th with a reception from 6-9PM. So, it looks to be a one off piece... bummer as I would love to have this produced in vinyl! Maybe one day our Stroll will be an interchangable Toytem piece... until then, you are just gonna have to scramble, like me, to pick up this one-off during the opening! Great work Gary... seriously!

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