DT-Custom DIY "Goon" resin figure at ToyCon UK!

 photo goon.jpg
Daniel Thomassen aka DT Custom, an artist/sculptor from the Netherlands, sent word of a new figure he is working on, a new DIY figure to be more exact that he is calling the "Goon"! Standing 7" tall, and coming equipped with a random item (sword, spear, mask, armor), this humanoid looking figure has all kinds of possibility for customizers to go to town on.

 photo instashogun.jpg
Also on display will be the next DIY toy is called 'Goon Shogun' and stands 8" tall, and this particular version comes with all the items on him. The style of these figures really reminds me of Kel Wilson's "Keliens" figures that we have posted HERE in the past. Daniel mentions that everything is handmade, handsculpted and cast in resin. The toys are dropping at ToyconUK via the Mintyfresh booth, and after that via his webstore HERE!

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