Doubleparlour's custom of Freak Store's Fonzo for UK Show!

The duo of Doubleparlour have tackled the Freak Store "Fonzo" platform again, this time for the previously announced "Fonzo Loves the UK" group show. Names "Benzo," I love the dark aspects of this piece, from the skull necklace to the monstrous hands. Once again, Doubleparlour find an inventive way to tackle an already cool platform and make it even better!

"Fonzo Loves the UK" will open on May 11th at the Sho Gallery, 1A Inverness Place, The Coach House, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4RU.

Participating artists include: ArtmyMind, The Beast Brothers, Burundanga Design, Camilla D'Errico, Charles Rodríguez, Chauskoskis, Daniel Fleres, David Bishop (RunDMB), Doubleparlour, DrilOne, Gabriel Carpio, GerardMDS, Hugh Rose, Jeremiah Ketner, MAp-MAp, Mr. Mitote, Nakanari, Otto Björnik, Rsinart, Scott Tolleson, Sergio Mancini, 64 Colors, Squink, Stu Witter, Touma, and UME Toys.

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