"Celebeeties" Series 1 custom Mini-Deadbeet series by Javier Jiménez of L.A. KAIJU FAM!!!

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Spanish artist Javier Jiménez of L.A. KAIJU FAM is about to release a whole slew of outrageously painted custom Mini-Deadbeets upon the world in a brand new series he is calling the "Celebeeties" Series 1. Dressed up like their favorite heroes and villains, these 1.5" tall PVC figures are painted up like: - The Walking Beet - Don Beeto Corleone - B-800 - SpongeBeet - HellBeet - Ronald McBeet - Iron Beet - BEET SMASH! - PikaBeet - Why So Lazy? - He-Beet - ?????... all of which will be sold blind-bagged for just $25 a piece! Look for these to go live HERE in his online store this Saturday, April 6th at 11am EST - how friggen cool are these!?!?!

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