Avatar666's "Samurai" custom Dunny's for ToyKick's "Fresh Batch" series!

 photo samurai-5-chakal-dunny-toykick-freshbatch-kidrobot.jpg
We have been giving you glimpses of custom Dunny's for the upcoming and previously announced "Fresh Batch" custom Dunny series organized by ToyKick, and we have been really impressed... but today, we are really excited to show off the work of Avatar666 with his submission for this series, the "Samurai"!!! He went to town on these 4 Dunny's, sculpting, painting, and really paying attention to the smallest of details... amazing! There will be the 3 "Red" regular pieces, and then the "Black" chase... a prized piece for sure! Who will be unveiled next in the lineup of artists involved with this project... we will all just have to wait to find out!

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