TADO's "The Hermazinger" and "Miss Panda" resin figures for ToyConUK!

In addition to the previously announced "Panda Otaku Vol. 1 'Au Naturel' Edition" wood figure, it seems the dynamic duo of TADO will also have hand-cast resin figures based on original sculpts by them at the upcoming ToyConUK. Entitled "The Hermazinger" and "Miss Panda," you can see all the elements for each in the work-in-progress jumble above. While "The Hermazinger," apparently a kitty cat in a Mazinger styled suit, seems to be a solid resin piece with separately cast wings, the pin-up girl-esqe "Miss Panda" looks like she will be articulated at the neck joint. And, I must admit, I'm quite smitten with the "Miss Panda" design, from what I can see… makes me quite sad that I won't be able to attend the convention, but — with any luck — TADO will also release some of these in their online shop after the event.

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