Stormtrooper's who failed the Imperial exams... yup, that's the "INFERIOR TROOPERS" from Plastic Foundry!

Now days, you can slap a Stormtrooper helmet on pretty much anything and it looks cool, and sticking with this theme, the folks over at Plastic Foundry have just announced the release of their upcoming 2.75" mini resin "INFERIOR TROOPERS". Going up for pre-order HERE, these are going to retail for just $25 each and will be an open run... so no word on when the pre-order will close! "INFERIOR TROOPERS are guys who failed the Imperial exams, those who are weaker and those who had injuries. Casted away by their battalion, they have to find a way to survive in this raging war. Armed with just a regular issued helmet with old WWII gears and ancient rifles, the odds are against them. Here we have Trooper #01, on his way to nowhere. Will he meet others, or will he perish? To be continued..."Needless to say, the force is strong with this release... so stock up on these figures, because once the pre-order closes, there won't be any more left for you to grab!

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