Cowls, Antlers and Tentacles, Oh My: Kathie Olivas Prepares for 'Scout' at Stranger Factory, 4.5

With just over three weeks until the opening of her new mini solo, Scout, Kathie Olivas has been blazing between easel and workbench, busily conjuring a new collection of paintings and sculptures for the April 5th exhibit at Stranger Factory. Between CP's Instagram and news blog, we've had a delectable glimpse at the sorts of treats we can expect next month from the Queen of CP. And from the WIP above, the subtle, mischievous beauty of her costumed kids is looking better than ever (and that's just the underpainting!).

Here's a detail shot of another painting she's working on. From the looks of it, it's a longer wood panel piece and we're looking at the torso? I don't know about you, but I see a belly, two tentacle arms and a super long neck. Whether it's human is another question entirely, and I'm curious as heck.

If there's three things from Kathie's universe that reduces my insides into a pile of swoony goobly goop, it's her Calliope Jackalope character, floppy ears and antlers. I'm actually dictating this to my ghost writer while I try to reinflate myself with an air compressor. I hope it isn't filled with helium.

And last but not least: a sneak straight from the Olivas studio. The only thing I want more than that painting is the floor-to-ceiling windows. Really, to get an idea of the sheer enormity of both, the painting is 36" x 48"!! Now if only Instagram had a zoom function ...

That's a wrap for now! Scout opens April 5th through the 28th at Stranger Factory, 109 Carlisle Blvd NE in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico. A reception will be held opening night from 6pm and 9pm, so pop into our favourite gallery on the corner if you find yourself in Nob Hill!

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